Unmarried partnership and relocating to the Netherlands

What if your employee is in an unmarried partnership, nor do they have a registered partnership, but they wish to bring their partner to the Netherlands as their dependent? Is this possible?

It may seem like a complicated procedure, but with our expertise we can provide the necessary guidance and assure a smooth and stressfree process.

To apply for this kind of residence permit one must provide the appropriate documents and meet certain conditions, all with the aim to prove that the couple are in a relationship. The relationship must be of serious and exclusive nature and neither person is married to someone else.

The required documents

Obviously we have to provide the IND with several documents when we submit the dependant’s application. Besides the basic documents that always need to be provided when married or in a registered partnership, like the antecedents certificate (completed and signed by the dependant) and the authorisation and sponsorship declaration (completed and signed by the main applicant), there are a few additional documents:

  • legalised unmarried status certificates for both (instead of a marriage certificate);
  • completed appendix declaration of relationship;
  • completed appendix questionnaire for residence with partner.

What are these documents?

Legalised unmarried status certificate: Both partners need to provide a legalised unmarried status certificate. This document will replace the legalised marriage certificate or legalised registered partnership declaration.

Please keep in mind that if these certificates aren’t in English, French, German or Dutch a certified translation (by a sworn translator) is also required.

Completed appendix declaration of relationship: With this form, the couple declares that they maintain an exclusive relationship, are running (or will be running) a joint household, and have been (or will be) living together at the address mentioned in the form from the indicated date.

Completed appendix questionnaire for residence with partner: The appendix questionnaire for residence with partner will be a very personal document in which the couple needs to provide extensive details about the nature of your relationship. For example, description of how the relationship started and how they first met each other.

Of course Settle Service’s Immigration Officers are aware of the fact that this information is extremely personal and our clients can be assured that we treat it with utmost confidentiality. Please keep in mind that the information provided is of great importance for the IND and it is really necessary to get this type of unmarried partnership application approved. We recommend being as specific as possible when completing this questionnaire.

Besides all the personal and specific information required, the IND will also request evidence proving the couple are in a long-term and exclusive relationship with each other. As proof one might use photos, letters or e-mail messages. Or perhaps screenshots of WhatsApp conversations or flight tickets from holidays the couple spent together.

Additional conditions

Two other important conditions to get the unmarried partnership application approved, are:

  1. The couple must cohabitate in the Netherlands at the same address;
  2. Be registered at the same address in the Personal Records Database (Basis Registratie Persoonsgegevens or BRP) at the applicable municipality.

In order to register, the municipality will ask for a legalised and in some cases translated birth certificate. Make sure that the dependant brings this certificate when he/she comes to the Netherlands. Find more detailed information on Local Registration.

How long does this unmarried partnership procedure take?

Once Settle Service has received all the required documents, we prepare the application and submit this with the IND. The legal decision term for this kind of application is 90 days, but experience shows us that often we receive the approval within 4-5 weeks (sometimes even earlier).

Please contact us with any questions about this procedure or any other immigration matter.

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