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Obtaining a visa for the Netherlands

During this uncertain period, we understand that you would like to know if you can still obtain a visa for the Netherlands during the corona virus outbreak. We are happy to address and further clarify the issue here.

Can I still obtain a visa for the Netherlands?

Only people from the EU and a number of non EU countries can travel to the Netherlands. If the travel ban still is in place for your country and you are not a person with an essential function or need, you are not able to obtain a short stay visa or travel to the Netherlands with a short-stay visa.

If you meet the conditions, you will be able to apply for a long-term MVV visa, which will enable you to travel to the Netherlands.

However, please note that MVV visa collection at the embassy or consulate might not be possible as the moment, as they currently provide limited to no services due to COVID-19.

Are the Dutch embassies and consulates open?

Some have re-opened, but not all. You can check on the web page of the embassy or consulate whether it is possible to visit the Dutch embassies and consulates for visa collection.

I am unable to collect my MVV visa within 90 days of the original approval date.

If you can prove that you were not able to collect your MVV visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate within the term of 90 days, this period can be extended up to 9 months.

My MVV visa has expired, but I did not travel to the Netherlands yet

If you can prove that you were unable to travel due to the corona virus outbreak, the Dutch embassy or consulate is authorised to re-issue the MVV within 90 days of expiration. You can schedule an appointment for this free of charge if the embassy or consulate has re-opened.

Will the visa fee be refunded if I do not use my visa?

Unfortunately not. A new application must be submitted.

Settle Service is pleased to advise you about the possibilities of obtaining a visa for the Netherlands in your particular situation during the corona virus outbreak. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if any questions.

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