Language and Culture Training

One of the essential attributes for a successful settling-in process is knowing about the Dutch language and culture. Investing in the integration process of your employee contributes significantly to the retention of your (newly) acquired talent.

Dutch Language Training

Even though many Dutch nationals speak English, it is desirable to understand the Dutch language to comprehend the local culture better.

We advise on the different courses available, from online to face-to-face, business to a conversational Dutch language course.

For some Non-EU nationals, it is mandatory to pass the civic integration exam (Inburgeringsexamen). Of which understanding of dutch language, history and culture are part of the exam. 

Even though many Dutch nationals speak English, it is desirable to understand the Dutch language to comprehend the local culture better.With our VR Orientation Tour, you attract the right person for the job and can impress them as future employer, while being time- and cost efficiënt.

Culture Training

The cultural training is tailor-made to provide practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in the Netherlands. The course is available for individuals, couples, families and groups. 

The Netherlands is a great country with an even more wonderful culture. But when not properly prepared, an expat could find him/herself confused by some of the common cultural tendencies.

Finding and hiring expats, highly trained (international) personnel and employees can be challenging. Our services are aimed to assist you 

to be honest without Settle Services, i would have been totally lost and confiused. Having Settle Servlces support me all the way has made my relocation pain free and less complicated. I have advised all my family and friends to reach out to Settle Services for any infiormation on the relocation.

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