In-Country Move

While living in the Netherlands, your employee might want to change property. We all know that moving can be stressful and time-consuming. You can help your employee by offering assistance, in order for them to be able to keep their focus on work.

Home Rental Assistance

Settle Service will conduct a home finding meeting (personal or online), in which we analyse the housing requirements/wishes. Based on the analyses, we will search the market and share a maximum of 10 links to available/suitable houses with the employee. We set up and possibly accompany viewings to the 2 or 3 most appealing properties. Settle Service will negotiate the rental contract, check the contract and coordinate the move-in date.

Home Purchase Assistance

In the current market we see that people want to buy a property after the first period in the Netherlands. We help to identify the best mortgage advisor. Advise on the best real estate agent for the area, including 2-3 accompanied visits. Coordination of the notary appointment and handyman services.

Removal of Household Goods

We can coordinate the removal of your employees’ household goods. We contact 2 moving companies or your preferred supplier for quotes, advise about quotes and coordinate the move together with your employee and the chosen removal company .

to be honest without Settle Services, i would have been totally lost and confiused. Having Settle Servlces support me all the way has made my relocation pain free and less complicated. I have advised all my family and friends to reach out to Settle Services for any infiormation on the relocation.

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