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Saskia de Jong-Meijers Settle Service

Saskia de Jong

Immigration Office Support

Bernadette Spijker

Immigration Officer

Louise Lambert

Relocation Coordinator



Masha Groeneweg

Relocation Coordinator

Mike Stehouwer

immigration officer

Danielle Kuijpers Settle Service

Danielle Briesen

Relocation Coordinator

Muriel Klaver

Marketing Coordinator & Privacy

Lucia Weve

Finance/ Administration Coordinator

Birgitte Retèl

Immigration Support Officer

Eugenie van der Schee

Eugenie Consultant

Diana van der Horst

Diana van der Horst

Immigration Specialist

Ambra di Tanna

Housing Coordinator

Martha Barnes

Relocation Coordinator

Annelies Ruizendaal

Client Service Director

Sigrid van Ekelenburg

Sigrid van Ekelenburg

Relocation Coordinator

Linda van Velthoven

Relocation Coordinator

Elizabeth Hazard

Housing Coordinator

Irene Bunt

Managing Director

Dorien Hommes

Relocation Coordinator

Manon Tijmes

Team Coordinator Relocation Service



Leontine Consultant

Mireille Blommestijn

Finance/HR Coordinator

Judith van Kampen

Team Manager Relocation Service

Christiaan van Veen

Team Coordinator Relocation Service


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Salary Criteria 2022 and costs for HSM and other immigration procedures

In this article you will find the salary criteria 2022 for the HSM and other immigration procedures. Time lines Before you start reading I would also like to take the opportunity to update you on the current timelines for immigration […]

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Settle Service award winning company!

Settle Service has two major groups of customers. The first group are the direct customers, with whom we are in direct contact. The second group are the Relocation Management Companies (RMC’s). RMC’s have worldwide or multiple location contracts with their […]

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EU Blue Card changes in the coming years

The EU Blue card is a permit that makes it easier for non EU employees to move within the EU. For employers the advantage is that their future employees might be more interested to come to the Netherlands with an […]

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