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When can my Non-EU employee start working?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: how long does the immigration process take? In other words, when can my employee start working?

When your Non-EU employee can start working, depends on his or her individual situation. For example, if the employee is still residing abroad, the procedure can take up more time, as one might need to travel to the Dutch embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. When the employee is already residing in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit, the procedure might be completed instantly or within just a few weeks. Of course, this depends on the individual situation of the employee.

Upon request, we analyse the specific situation and advice the feasibility and the best procedure(s) to follow. Dependent upon the actual situation, several immigration services are available.

Feel free to reach out to us for advice, and we’d be happy to inform you what start date would be feasible for your employee and which procedure is most fitting to your specific situation.

“It was a great help for me at every step of my process to settle in NL, also the assistance at the GGD was great.“

— By Supriya

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