Settle blocks

Simplify the expatriation process
to the Netherlands

We believe every relocation is unique. That is why we introduce the Settle Blocks, a simple system through which your company manages relocation costs while your employee enjoys complete flexibility.

How do Settle Blocks work?

We start with the fundamental welcoming programme. Your employee receives access to our interactive and comprehensive portal with all relevant relocation info and instructions. Moreover all mandatory elements are being taken care of. On top of the welcoming programme you can offer Settle Blocks for the more personal relocation assistance. One Settle Block stands for 1 day of assistance. Together with your employee we set up and work according to a personal relocation

How many Settle Blocks do we need?

In general we spend most time on the home finding and schooling for families. We also gladly assist with other settling in items (like opening a bank account) after your employee found a home. In most cases we see that -besides the welcome programme- singles and couples need 2 to 3 Blocks. For families 3 or 4 Blocks.

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