Relocation & Compliance

Settle Service offers you and your employee a combination of essential and practical assistance. We make sure that your company stays compliant with current rules. Our large inhouse immigration team can assist with all immigration procedures.

Besides that we feel passionate about welcoming your new employees to the Netherlands. The Settle Blocks make it possible to create an individual service package for each employee. The first step in the assistance is always a video meeting, in which we, together with your employee, will determine which assistance in the agreed number of Blocks will ease the relocation most.

Welcoming programme

Fundamental in our relocation assistance is the welcoming programme.

The welcoming programme consists of a welcome video meeting to discuss planning and specific situation. Access to all orientation, rent and settling-in information in (communication portal) with a tailor-made action plan. Registration at authorities & health insurance guidance.

Relocation Services

Within the Settle Blocks we offer a wide variety of relocation services. Goal is to make your employees settle in as soon as possible.

Home Finding Assistance

Family Relocation Services

Local Registration

Bank Account



Driving Licence

(Public) Transport

Import and Household

Language and Culture

In-house Relocation Services

Do you have or expect many international newcomers? It might be good to consider inhouse relocation services.

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