Opening a Bank Account

Opening a local bank account is one of the priorities on the to-do list when you have hired a (new) international employee.

With our banking service, we can unburden you from this to-do and make sure your employees have a Dutch bank account as soon as possible. With our assistance, our clients can open a bank account even before having obtained their BSN! Thus, allowing you to process them in the salary system as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands. 

Settle Service will coordinate and accompany your employee to the bank to open an account. During the bank visit, insurance programmes will also be discussed to cover this part of the relocation simultaneously. To be more efficient, we often combine this appointment with other appointments such as local registration at the municipality.

“All steps of settling down met my expectations. All my questions have been promptly answered and I could always count on assistance.“

— By Anna

Settle Service award winning company!

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EU Blue Card changes in the coming years

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Provisional 30% required salary level for 2022

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