Settle Service, your relocation company with a customer-focused approach. 

We assist companies with the successful onboarding, retention and departure of their international employees in the Netherlands.

We follow these principles, both in our cooperation with you and internally:

We listen and we are flexible​

  • We want to get to know your/your employees’/our external partners’/our colleagues expectations. Step into the other person’s shoes to understand the situation.​
  • We strive for continuous improvement, please do share your feedback with us!

We have a customer-focused approach; your (employee’s) best interest is our priority  

  • We always advise on the best option for the client, even if this requires more effort from us​.
  • Sometimes it’s better to (politely) say no​.

We do what we say and say what we do

  • We are transparant in our communication.
  • We keep you updated on the progress of your relocation(s).
  • We comply with the Dutch law.
  • No bribery, no corruption.​
  • We work towards a minimal carbon footprint.
  • We welcome clients and employees, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual and political orientation or possible handicap.

Our goal is for our clients to have the freedom to focus on what matters to them. We make moves, so you don’t have to!

“It was nice to communicate with Mike and he informed me with all information needed in a timely manner. Thanks!“

— By Gerrit

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