Import and Household

When moving to the Netherlands, your assignee might want to import personal belongings, such as household contents, vehicles, pets, etc. Settle Service assists with all kind of import into the Netherlands.

Car Import

Importing a car into the Netherlands can be a complex process. Settle Service provide clear instructions and coordinate the required actions, documents and potential BPM tax.

Import of Household Contents

Moving is a huge step. Making your assignee feel more at home, we advise you to help them bring their household goods over. We provide clear instructions and coordinate the required actions.

Pet Import to the Netherlands

Pets are welcome in the Netherlands, but there are strict rules relating to bringing pets into the country, particularly around proving they are healthy and are transported appropriately. The conditions depend on the kind of animal your assignee wants to bring and the country it is coming from. Settle Service will analyse, advise and guide the import process of the pet.

“Thank you. Settle Service made the entire relocation process very easy for my family and myself.“

— By Cornell

More relocations to the Netherlands

Many countries in the world, including the Netherlands, have (at least) started their vaccination programme. This is probably why we see more relocations to the Netherlands in the last months. The perspective on living in open world again has become […]

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Home finding in Amsterdam; a positive experience

Home finding in Amsterdam Astrit moved to Amsterdam for his employer. He had already spent some weeks in a hotel when we were asked to assist him with his home finding in Amsterdam. Astrit had a reasonable rental budget, the […]

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The story behind a client’s review

Carien and her husband moved to the Netherlands earlier this year. She left the following review on our evaluation form: “Your service have been an amazing blessing to take a lot of the anxiety of the immigration process off our […]

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