Immigration Assistance in Other Situations

Immigration assistance is important as obtaining a work and/or residence permit is rarely a straightforward process. It is rather complex. You want your international employee to be able to start working as soon as possible, without obstacles, while meeting Dutch immigration rules and regulations.Our immigration specialists provide immigration assistance to companies that require work and/or residence permit(s) for their Non-EU employees.

Should your employee not meet the requirements of any of the most common permits (HSM, ICT, Blue Card, Short Stay), our specialists will check for other possibilities. Our assistance opens doors when others close!

“Overall experience was great, very helpful and professional staff.“

— By Oleg

Proposed changes in the 30% ruling

The 30% ruling is a tax ruling for people who move to the Netherlands from abroad. The ruling compensates for so-called extra-territorial costs, so extra costs because your employee moved to another country. Every few years, under pressure of the […]

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Home finding in the Netherlands

You might have read our earlier article on home finding in the Netherlands. The tense situation will continue and may even get worse. Sorry, I can’t make it any better. But there are ways to increase your employees chances of […]

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Update: Ukrainian employees in the Netherlands

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has brought a true disaster. People dying, families torn apart, many people have lost all they owned. A true tragedy in the world, obviously in the first place for the Ukrainian people. Many of […]

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