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Self-quarantine in the Netherlands

Are you travelling from a medium or high risk country? The Dutch government strongly recommends you to self-quarantine for 10 days. You may receive a phone call(s) to check if you follow this strong recommendation.

The self-quarantine might become mandatory in due course. Please do read this article just before you travel to the Netherlands as the situation might change rapidly.

Voluntary corona test

When you travel by plane from a medium or high risk area and Amsterdam Schiphol is your airport you will have the possibility to undergo a corona test there. This is a voluntary test and you do not have to make an appointment for it. You can just go there to have the test, even if you don’t have the symptoms.

Self-quarantine strongly recommended if you travel from a risk country

The recommendation to self-quarantine applies to almost all travellers who have arrived in the Netherlands from a medium or high risk area.

Even if you were recently tested and the test result was negative you are strongly recommended to self-quarantine at home/your hotel/your temporary accommodation.

If the test result is positive the Dutch governments expects you to stay at home together with your possible family members until you do not experience any symptoms anymore.

What is self-quarantine?

Basically self-quarantine means self-isolation, at home, in your hotel or in your temporary apartment.

Settle Service gladly assists you to find a convenient place to stay during you self-quarantine period. 

While you are in quarantine please follow the following rules;

  • Stay in your accommodation and do not receive visitors. Just medical visits (family doctor or municipal health service GGD) are allowed. Members of your household, who travelled together with you stay with you. 
  • If you or one of your possible family members experience health issues during your quarantine period contact a family doctor or in emergency cases call 112. Do not go to the family doctor or a hospital yourself!
  • Work from home, unless you are a healthcare professional with permission of the GGD or your company doctor.
  • Order your groceries online, or ask our virtual PA to assist you with that.
  • You may sit outside in a possible garden/on a balcony.
  • Your children aged between 4 and 12 may attend school and go sporting as long as they feel healthy.

The Dutch government provides some further instructions on the second half of this page.

If you feel well after the period of 10 days in self-quarantine, you may leave your house/the accommodation and no other restrictions than the current Corona measures will apply.

Do you experience Corona symptoms in the self-quarantine period? Please read these instructions what to do.

Positive Corona test?

In the case that you have a positive Corona test result you should also stay at home, in self-isolation. Your possible family members have to stay with you.

Please find the official instructions about what to do in case of a positive test here.

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