Departing the Netherlands: Adjusted move out assistance during corona outbreak

Adjusted move out services

Are you in the process of departing the Netherlands? Settle Service can make your move easier.

Departing the Netherlands during corona times

Leaving the Netherlands during corona times might come with some adjustments, but it is still very much possible. Our (adjusted) departure services conclude your stay in the Netherlands the best way. 

Can I move out of my accommocation during the corona outbreak?

Yes, this can all be perfectly managed.

Can I cancel my lease during the corona outbreak?

Yes and no. Lease cancellation is done in writing anyway, usually with at least one full calendar month notice. If you’re uncertain of your plans of departing the Netherlands, it’s recommended you still alert the owner to keep communication open.

In some contracts, cancellation is not possible in the first year unless there is a diplomatic clause in it. Ask us for advice so we can help you determine when you can cancel the lease!

Can I plan a move out inspection during the corona outbreak?

Yes. we can discuss options with the realtor and agree on the best logistics for your specific property. For instance, it might work best for the realtor to walk through and complete an inspection report, after which our consultant and then you go through, separately. You can discuss any issues or discrepancies by phone or video chat. The important thing is that all parties agree to the final report which impacts your deposit return.

How can I prepare for moving out during the corona outbreak?

We always recommend a pre-inspection if possible a few weeks in advance of departing the Netherlands, to identify any items that need specific cleaning or repair.

Departing the Netherlands and required self-quarantine

Each country has their own measures for people who arrive from abroad. When you depart the Netherlands, please make sure to be fully aware of the possible current self-quarantine measures set by the country of destination.

Settle Service makes moves, so you don’t have to.

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