Are real estate agents still working?

Yes, realtors are indeed still working in the Netherlands and eager to assist you find a rental property, just at a distance of 1.5 meters. Most are using common sense guidelines such as only allowing 1 person to come to viewings (no partners), use of hand sanitizer etc..

Before the viewing you will have to declare that your are feeling well and haven’t recently been in high risk areas. Also you will have to answer the question if you have been in contact with potentially infected individuals.

Can Settle Service still help me find an apartment during the corona outbreak?

Absolutely. Our consultants have been inside hundreds of apartments and know their city like the back of their hands. Are you arriving from a medium or high risk area? We then cannot accompany you for 10 days but we are happy to coordinate your appointments. After 10 days will we be happy to accompany you again!  

Is it still possible to have property viewings in the Netherlands during the corona outbreak?

Yes, if you are feeling well this is possible.

Both realtors and our consultants are doing everything they can to be flexible. You can go to property viewings together with our consultant if the landlord allows this. Alternatively our our consultant can join you during the viewing via video call. The other way around is also possible. Our consultant can go to the viewing, with you joining via video call. As of course most people are working from home now, it can be that some properties can’t be viewed as the tenant is not willing to accommodate viewings.

UK citizens in the Netherlands: apply for your permit!

Now that the United Kingdom has left the EU UK citizens need a residence permit to legally reside in the Netherlands. There are about 45.000 UK nationals who live in the Netherlands. And this number is growing as Dutch statistics […]

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Hire highly skilled migrant as a startup company – PILOT!

Starting June 1, a four-year pilot has started that makes it possible to hire a highly skilled migrant (non-EU employee) for startup companies. The government of the Netherlands actively encourages startup companies to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Dutch immigration […]

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A relocation to the Netherlands

Background of the relocation   Chukwunasa and his wife lived in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Amsterdam in April 2021. Chukwunasa accepted a job in Amsterdam and was very excited to move. This article is about their relocation. First step; the immigration […]

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