• Local registration in corona times
  • Can I complete my local registration?
  • Are town halls and Expat Centres open during the corona outbreak?
  • Can I still register my birth and marriage certificates with the municipality?
  • How long can I stay registered on my company’s address?

Local registration in corona times

Local registration in corona times

Local registration in the Netherlands is an important step in the settling in process. It allows you to obtain a BSN, which is necessary for many important things while living and working in our country, such as receiving a salary, taking out a bank account, taking out health insurance, etc. We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding the topic during the corona situation in the Netherlands. 

Can I complete my local registration?

Yes, town halls and expat centers make appointments for first time local registration/BSN (citizen service number). Dependent on the country you are travelling from, some municipalities will only schedule an appointment after a quarantine period. You will need the BSN to get medical assistance or health insurance. 

Many services can be coordinated online such as change of address and applying for a parking permit.

Are town halls and Expat Centres open during the corona outbreak?

In general, you can only visit town halls and Expat Centres by appointment. Walk-in hours are not available. The Expat Centres in Amsterdam and The Hague are open, but a 10-day waiting time applies if you are travelling from a high-risk country. The Expat Centre in Rotterdam is also open but due to the measures taken against coronavirus the BSN will not be issued directly but will be sent by post within 1 week. The Expat Centre in Eindhoven and The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (IWCUR) are open.

However, currently, the waiting times for in-person appointments are much longer than usual. At the moment, the demand for BSN services at the town halls and Expatdesks is many times higher than their available capacity. We understand that this is frustrating for our clients.

Let Settle Service make your registration appointment, this is easier and faster!

Can I still register my birth and marriage certificates with the municipality?

This differs per municipality. For example, at some Expat Centres, registration of certificates is not considered urgent and thus might be postponed a few months until things are back to normal. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit these documents digitally or through regular mail.

How long can I stay registered at my company’s address?

Normally it’s only allowed for three months, but in the current circumstances, if you are unable to find a rental property or unable to physically get back to the Netherlands due to travel restrictions, the authorities are willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis. As mentioned before, should you want to change your address because you now have a new home address, this can be done online.

Should you have any further questions regarding local registration in the Netherlands or any other challenge you are facing during your relocation to the Netherlands, please feel free to contact us

We make moves, so you don’t have to.

Thank you so much for all the time, effort and the work you have provided during our settlement process. Being with a family, we would have never been able to settle in a new country during such a short period of time. Your support was really amazing and so much appreciated! Thanks again :)”

— Mohamed, about housing and settling in support in May 2023

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