2023 salary thresholds announced

Immigration salary criteria

On 30 November 2022,  the Dutch government announced that the salary thresholds for highly skilled migrants and European Blue Card holders for the year 2023 will increase with 3,47%. The government based this percentage on the index rate published by the Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

You can read the entire announcement in the publication of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The Immigration Authorities will incorporate the new salary thresholds on their website soon. 

Based on the above, the salary criteria for 2023 will be as follows: 

Immigration salary criteria 2023

  • Highly skilled migrants >30 years:  € 5008 gross per month 
  • Highly skilled migrants <30 years: € 3672 gross per month 
  • Reduced salary criterion: € 2631 gross per month  
  • European Blue Card:  € 5867 gross per month 

What can you include in the salary criterion? 

The IND counts the reimbursements of expenses and fixed allowances (such as a thirteenth month) in the salary criterion.  
For this the following conditions apply: 

  • The reimbursements and allowances are stated in the employment contract. 
  • The reimbursements and allowances are transferred each month to a bank account in name of your highly skilled migrant or holder of the European blue card. 

You cannot include the following pay elements in the salary criterion: 

  • Vacation allowance. 
  • The value of payment made in kind. 
  • Uncertain, non-regular pay elements (for example overtime allowances, tips and payments from funds). 

The salary criteria for 2023 will apply to all applications filed on or after 1 January 2023. Until that date all applications will have to meet the criteria for the year 2022, even if the start date of the employment contract is in 2023.  

30%-ruling salary threshold for 2023 

You can expect the definite salary threshold of 2023 for the 30% ruling in 2023 at the beginning of the new year. However, we can already inform you on the provisional amount.

The provisional salary threshold for employees older than 30 years to be eligible for the 30% ruling in 2023 is set at € 41.953. Does your employee have a qualifying Master’s degree and are they younger than 30 years old? Then the salary in 2023 has to be at least € 31.891. Please note that these amounts are not definite and could be subject to change.

More info?

Settle Service assists many companies and their employees with immigration and 30% ruling application. Do you want to know more? Please do contact us at company@settleservice.com.

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