Settle Service award winning company!

Settle Service has two major groups of customers. The first group are the direct customers, with whom we are in direct contact. The second group are the Relocation Management Companies (RMC’s). RMC’s have worldwide or multiple location contracts with their customers. They provide a full spectrum of assistance that is related to relocations; immigration, cultural training, in some cases tax advice, relocation, moving, etc. Yesterday in a virtual conference we heard that we won Weichert’s Legendary Service Award!

Weichert Workforce Mobility is one of the larger RMC’s. We have worked together since years and years. Settle Service assists many of Weichert’s customers and their employees who relocate to the Netherlands. It is a pleasure to work together since our teams are really complementary. Together we make sure that our clients experience a smooth relocation.

We are very proud and feel honored that Weichert has granted Settle Service with a Legendary Service Award. The associated speech from Heidi Frances was about Weichert’s experience that Settle Service goes the extra mile for our joint clients.

The mail to confirm our award says

“We are so grateful for our talented, knowledgeable supply chain partners who consistently go above-and-beyond to successfully provide outstanding service to our clients’ assignees!  Weichert could not look good to our clients without our partnership with Settle Service, and we thank you and your team for hard work, dedication and support.

We are very happy to receive this award, as a recognition of the work that we do. It is our job to make moves so you don’t have to!

Would you also like to have happy relocating employees?
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