Back to the office – it’s energizing!

After three months of working at home or anywhere but in the office we returned to our office this week. It’s so energizing!

Most energizing

My colleagues, the team. Yes, we did see each other in video calls and we stayed in contact a lot in the past months. But the personal contact adds so much energy!

Working from home has advantages but I now know for sure that I like it much more to work in an environment with colleagues. And I know that many of my colleagues think alike.

Fresh new start

We used the extra time that we had in the past months to update all of our working procedures and our communication portal and earned our re-certification for the EuRA Global Quality Seal.

Besides that we painted our office. Literally. The result is amazing; fresh colours, put on the walls in a team effort. Although we have all painted at home in the past, painting is not really our core strength. We are relocation service providers, not professional painters! We stepped out of our comfort zone, with a mix of staff from throughout the company and together we got the job done.

Put all of this together and we feel that we made a fresh new start. It’s so energizing!

Back to ‘normal’ busines

We noticed business activity already starting to pick up back in May. Several companies asking for quotes, leading to new business and a significant number of extra initiations per week compared to the first weeks of the corona crisis.

From the moment we heard that most of the internal EU borders would open again we’ve seen the number of relocations to the Netherlands increasing again. We expect that the external EU borders will gradually open starting around July 1st, making it possible for non-EU citizens from many countries to travel to the Netherlands again too.

This extra activity is really energizing!

Normal business?

Well, no. We will have to stay alert and prevent the virus from spreading again. We want to be cautious both for our clients as well as for our employees. So we have adapted our services where needed. Some of the changes may stay, as they have proven to be good enhancements to our service delivery. Who would’ve thought but apparently the Corona crisis has also brought a few good things. That’s energizing too.

Looking for relocation services with energy?

We would be pleased to help you, please contact us and we will respond within one business day.

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