Salary Criteria 2022 and costs for HSM and other immigration procedures

In this article you will find the salary criteria 2022 for the HSM and other immigration procedures.

Time lines

Before you start reading I would also like to take the opportunity to update you on the current timelines for immigration procedures. We advice to take 3 months for a single non EU employee (date initiation to Settle Service until work start date), and 4 to 5 months for a couple or a family. This is due to waiting lists at embassies and and a longer decision period at the IND. In some situations we see that your employee will be sooner in the Netherlands if the partner/family arrives later. We can advice you per situation as this differs per country.

Salary criteria 2022​

  • Highly Skilled Migrants 30 years or older: € 4.840
  • Highly Skilled Migrants younger than 30 years: € 3.549
  • Highly Skilled Migrants subsequent to graduation* or after search year/highly educated persons:  € 2.543
  • European Blue Card Holders: € 5.670

The Highly Skilled Migrant salary requirements are also used as basis for Intra Corporate Transferee applications.

For immigration applications submitted in 2021, the current (2021) salary thresholds are applicable.

What may be included in the salary criterion?

The IND counts the reimbursements of expenses and fixed allowances (such as a thirteenth month) in the salary criterion. 
For this the following conditions apply:

  • The reimbursements and allowances have to be stated in the employment contract.
  • The reimbursements and allowances are transferred each month to a bank account in name of the highly skilled migrant or holder of the European blue card.

The following pay elements are not included in the criterion:

  • Vacation allowance.
  • The value of payment made in kind.
  • Uncertain, non-regular pay elements (for example overtime allowances, tips and payments from funds).

Costs of highly skilled migrant and blue card application employee:

An application for a residence permit (including extension) for a highly skilled migrant or holder of a European Blue Card will cost €345 from 1 January 2022.


If you have any questions about the salary criteria 2022 for work related immigration procedures, please do contact us!

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