Renting out your house in the Netherlands

Many companies have a number of Dutch employees who temporarily live abroad. If you or your employee is in this situation and temporarily vacate a home here in the Netherlands, you might want to consider renting it out.

To rent out or not? Basic questions

The first thing is to contact your bank.  Do the conditions of your mortage allow you to rent out the property? In some cities (like The Hague) you will have to take specific regulations into account, please inquire at your municipality.

The question if it’s interesting for you to rent out or not is one that only you can answer. Factors you’ll need to consider include; where would you otherwise stay when you are back in the Netherlands for a holiday, can you financially afford to leave your home without renting it out and do you want to have other people living in your home.

Steps to rent out a home

Once you’ve answered all the basic questions, make sure your home is clean and well maintained. If you leave your furniture, put your personal belongings in a locked cupboard or at an external location.

Ask two or three real estate agents to valuate your property. What do they think is an appropriate monthly rent? Which type of rental contract best suits your situation? Would you want to include a Diplomatic clause in it or not?

Tenants may want to negotiate the rent, the furniture, cleaning costs, the amount of the deposit and other items. It’s good to know the minimum amount you’re willing to accept!

You found a tenant

It is very important that you know the background of your tenant. Will he or she be able to pay the rent? Will he/she take good care of your home?

Then the day comes that you move out and your tenant moves in. It’s important you make a good inspection report in which you document the property in detail. Include photos and descriptions of all rooms, and make clear remarks on any things that are damaged or less than perfect. This report will prevent a lot of potential controversy at the end of the lease period.

The tenant moves out

You will need to make another report in which you document the status of your property at the end of the tenancy. Compare the move in report to the move out report to determine the value of any damages that will have to be paid by the tenant. Some damages will be seen as ‘normal wear and tear’ and will be your responsibility. Other damages will be for the tenant.

We at Settle Service have vast experience with people moving into and out of rental properties. Many of them in good consultation, some of them with big disputes. Some tenants leave the rental home in even better condition than when they moved in. Others make a total mess of the property.

To rent out your house and still have a good nightrest

I can imagine that the above might scare you off. Or that you as an employer prefer your employee focus on her/his work instead of renting out their home. 

Still want to have a good night’s rest? Settle Service offers property management programmes through which we can assure you that your home is in good hands. We work with the best real estate agents, know how to manage tenants, have a 24-hour helpline and a wealth of contacts with handymen, cleaners, gardeners and other craftspeople to properly care for your home. You can count on our regular visits to the property so you know it’s in good hands. We’ll manage your home while you are abroad. 

And you can sleep well!

Interested? Please leave a message on our contactpage and we will contact you within one business day.

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