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Access to the Netherlands for all nationalities possible again!

After months in which the Dutch borders were closed for all non-essential travel, we are now pleased to announce that all your employees are welcome again!

Since June 15th all EU citizens have been able to travel to the Netherlands again.

As of today all highly-skilled migrants, intra-corporate transferees, researchers and their family members are welcome again. People who need an MVV first still need to obtain this entry visa. Most embassies/consulates have re-opened. Your Settle Service contact person knows if an MVV is required and if your employee can collect it. Citizens who don’t need an MVV can travel to the Netherlands with the approval letter from the Dutch immigration services IND and a letter from you (as employer) stating why your company needs this person to work in the Netherlands and why now.

We advise your non-EU employees who do not have an MVV to contact the airline before travelling to ensure that they will be allowed on the flight. If issues arise please have them contact their Settle Service contact person. We will discuss the situation with the Dutch immigration authorities on their behalf.

The Dutch government strongly recommends the citizens of a number of countries to self quarantine for 14 days after arrival in the Netherlands. On you can find out if the self quarantine applies. Obviously we will also advise your employees on this frequently changing situation. Although self quarantine in these cases is not mandatory, we work according to the government’s measures and guidelines. So while we can coordinate appointments for your employee, we will not accompany them during the first 14 days if self quarantine is advised. 

I am very happy that we can now fully re-start again. If you have already authorized us to assist non-EU employees please be sure to let us know when you expect them to arrive in the Netherlands. Also new initiations are very welcome. As you know we have adapted our service to the Dutch guidelines so your employees are in good hands!

Last but not least I wish you a lovely summer!

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