Cost of living in Amsterdam has decreased

The cost of living in Amsterdam has declined according to a research done by consultancy agency Mercer. How affordable is it to live and rent a property in Amsterdam nowadays?

Amsterdam dropped to 64th position

The research shows Amsterdam no longer belongs to the top 50 most expensive cities in the world. Amsterdam suddenly dropped to the 64th position. 

This is because the cost of living in Amsterdam in general did not rise as much compared to Hongkong or Tokyo, making these two cities the most expensive cities worldwide. In Europe Zurich and Geneva excel holding a position in the top 10 of most expensive cities. The cost of living in Zurich and Geneva have been very high for the past few years. 

Influence of corona crisis on the cost of living in Amsterdam

One of the most important factors in the cost of living is what you have to pay for a house.

It is safe to say that the corona crisis seems to have had some effect on the Dutch rental market, especially in Amsterdam. The Dutch realtors association (NVM) notes that the number of properties available for rent has risen by 15% compared with pre-crisis levels. This is due to the fact that newcomers/expats stayed away the past few months because of the corona situation. Another important influence for this change in the market  is that properties which were usually rented out via platforms like Airbnb have come on the market due to law changes.


Specifically speaking this means that the monthly rent for a 2 bedroom, 70m2, furnished accommodation, in a popular area (think of Pijp or Jordaan area) will go for Euro 1900 instead of the usual Euro 2200 and from experience we dare to say that negotiation on the asking price is now possible in most of the cases.

Assistance with home finding in Amsterdam

Are you looking for independent advice about the rental market in Amsterdam? Or are you looking for a home in Amsterdam? Settle Service offers various home finding programmes!

Interested to know more? Please visit the section on home finding on our website or contact us directly.

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