The 1.5 meters society, we are ready for it!

The Corona crisis seems to decline in the Netherlands and many countries around us. One of the most visible outcomes of the crisis measures that will stay in tact for the time being is the 1.5 meters society.

We made a short video about the 1.5 meters society. Have fun viewing it!

Team Settle Service

As said, the 1.5 meters society will stay in tact for the time being. However, we expect that many of the other Corona measures worldwide will become less strict in the coming months. We at Settle Service are especially very much looking forward to the re-opening of the borders for all nationalities.

Do you expect a new employee from abroad? Or will you relocate to the Netherlands? Settle Service is fully prepared to assist employees from abroad to ease their relocation to the Netherlands. Obviously we follow the Dutch government’s guidelines, inclusive the 1.5 meters rule, and have adjusted our services accordingly. 

Speaking of our services, we think that in the current circumstances it’s even more important to welcome your new employees and guide them to get settled in the Netherlands.

Let Settle Service assist your employees to find a good home, know how the medical system in the Netherlands works and with the practicalities of for example registration, opening a bank account.

We also offer services to individual clients, so if you received a relocation allowance from your employer or if you move to the Netherlands on your own you are also very much welcome.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or requests!

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