The added value of video calls for a Relocation Coordinator

Working from home

As many people around the globe, we at Settle Service also work from our own homes since Corona set foot in the Netherlands. From the moment we started to work from home, video calls have become more and more important. I would like to give you some insight into my new digital working environment, especially online meetings.

Pros and cons of online meetings

For our online meetings we make use of Microsoft Office Teams, which works perfectly.

In the beginning it felt a bit awkward to video call, especially since I was not really used to that, but I got more and more comfortable everyday. It makes me connect with my colleagues in a different way; at some days we face each other without wearing any make-up and we also get a chance to look inside each other’s homes, seeing each other’s families (or in my case: showing our pets). Which, I have to say, also has a downside: one day one of my colleagues told me to check my picture-frames on the wall as they were not straight. Oops, thank you!

Video calls with colleagues

Next to connecting in a different way with my colleagues, I also feel more connected to the individuals and families I assist during these crazy times. As this crisis has an impact throughout the world, me and my clients find ourselves in more or less the same situation, which is being ‘’stuck’’ at our homes with a lot of uncertainty lying ahead of us.

Online meetings with clients

We also use Teams to be in contact with our clients.

Last week I had an introductory call, in which we get to know our client and explain our services in more detail. To be honest I was not prepared for a videocall.

When I started the meeting, I saw that my client turned on her camera so I could not stay behind and turned on mine as well. It was such a personal and fun conversation as I got to meet her whole family including husband, teenaged daughter and two dogs. I was keeping my fingers crossed that my cat would not decide to jump on my desk or the delivery mailman would not knock on my windows, but even if that would have happened – I guess there are worse things to worry about….

Last but not least, I am happy that we are still able to do our Friday afternoon drinks through Teams.

Cheers to the weekend and to better times, that will come for sure!

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