From global to village environment – The covid-19 lifestyle

The upcome and expansion of the corona COVID-19 virus has led to a special COVID-19 lifestyle in the Netherlands for most people. Although in the Netherlands people can still go where they want, to the current governmental measures have a big impact.

Kids at home

All universities and schools have closed since Monday March 16. In my case this means that my three children are at home. They received home work and try to do that the best they can.

Work from home

In the meantime, most people in the Netherlands work from home. If they have children, they rely on their parents or others for help. It’s not easy for children to do their school work, whilest not being at school and without a teachter present to explain and help them. Many parents agree on times schedules, so they alternate between focussing on work and focussing on the children.

Working from home sounds good and has been common practice for Settle Service for years now. However, since we work in a knowledge intensive field, it is important to personally see colleagues and discuss things. Learn from each other. That is why we have always encouraged to also work in the office. Although 100% working from home is technically possible with the IT systems that we use, it feels like it’s less effective. Yet,we will have to deal with it and find ways to stay tuned.

COVID-19 lifestyle; from a global to a village environment

In the past decades, we have become used to living in a global environment. Just a few examples;

  • If my 13-year old daughter felt that she really wanted to have this one very special jewel, she ordered it via a webshop in China;
  • If companies wanted to have specific talents in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world they asked them to relocate;
  • I regularly attend conferences where I meet global mobility leaders and other relocation companies’ leaders. Those conferences will not take place in the coming period, so the opportunity to personally meet and discuss the developments is not there.

The global environment that we knew in the past decades has become very different in the past days/weeks. Countries and/or air spaces are locked, in some cases people may even not walk on the street without a special reason. We will have to get used to this situation as it seems that it will only change after a considerable period.

Settle Service is there for you if you need us. We will stay available and offer adjusted services. Even with this adjusted Covid-19 lifestyle.

Please take good care!

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