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Corona COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 is everywhere. Nearly all countries in the world have been affected. The Netherlands is no exception. The number of incidences has increased. The Dutch government and several airlines have published extra guidelines. These restrictions will also have an effect on our services.

Measures from the Dutch government

The Dutch goverment has decided that all schools and child care services in the Netherlands will be closed until April 6th, 2020. Only children that have parents who work in crucial professions (like nurses/doctors/police/fire brigade) are entitled to use day care facilities.

Moreover all restaurants, cafes and related companies will stay closed until April 6th to prevent large groups of people from coming together and spread the COVID-19 virus. The only exception is hotels, which are allowed to stay open.

Gatherings of more than 100 people have been/are to be cancelled. This means that there are no concerts, musea have closed and all other big events will not take place.


Some major airlines, like KLM/Air France and easyJet have announced that their planes will stay on the ground for the indefinite future. I expect that more airlines will follow.

Recently relocated to the Netherlands?

Have you recently arrived in the Netherlands for your work and are we assisting you? We will do our utmost to finalize our services as best we can.

However some adjustments will be necessary. We will let you know which appointments are still possible and which aren’t. We will coordinate appointments for you and give you thorough instructions about what to do. We will be available by phone in case you have questions or difficulties.

If you normally would have had one of our consultants personally accompany you during the appointments; I’m afraid this is not possible in the current environment. As soon as this is possible again we will restart our accompanied services.

Plans to relocate to the Netherlands? 

In the current situation it seems best to stay where you are unless there is an urgent need for you to be in the Netherlands. Not only will you take extra health risks but your relocation process will probably be far more difficult than usual.

By the time that things start to normalize and we have an idea of the best arrival date we can start with for instance home finding advice and/or video viewings.

This is the first time ever that I advise our clients not to relocate to the Netherlands now. It feels awkward and I must say I am a bit sad about it. Yet this is the best advice I can give at the moment. There will be better times and then you are more than welcome!

Please do let us know if you have plans to relocate to the Netherlands, we can already start up your assistance and keep you updated on the developments.

Do you want to leave the Netherlands?

Please do contact us for our departure programme that will help you to depart in a reasonable manner.

When will the situation improve?

I am not a fortune teller so I might be wrong. It may be that the situation will improve more quickly thanks to measures that governments around the world are taking. It may be that higher temperatures will have a good influence. Yet I expect that this situation will last at least one month, if not longer.

We remain at your service to the best of our abilities given the current restrictions. We will keep you updated.

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