Rental prices in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities

Rental prices in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities

Rental prices in Amsterdam and its direct environment and also the other Dutch cities have gone up again. After the relatively quiet Corona months, in which the rents declined, the market is on the rise again. leading to higher prices.

What is the minimum rent in Amsterdam?

If you(r employee) is looking for a decent place in a good area you have to think of at least € 1.500,00 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment. In this price range you can expect group viewings. More and more it becomes common to overbid. Does your employee/do you have a lower budget (€ 1.350,00-€ 1.400,00)? We will search the market but it will take time to find an acceptable place.

Rental market in the environment of Amsterdam

Even in the direct environment of Amsterdam there is barely supply of good rental homes. In the summer period traditionally the time when many families move to the Netherlands, it is especially challenging to find family homes at the moment.

Other bigger cities in the Netherlands

In other bigger cities, like Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, the situation is more or less comparable to the rental market in Amsterdam. Asking prices are somewhat lower but still there is a shortage of supply. This means that also in these cities the prices are higher that what they used to be in the past months.


The Dutch housing market is quite tense. This was already the situation before Corona and now that this crisis seems to be under control, the overheated situation has immediately come back again. The housing market is not only tense for international employees, also the Dutch experience difficulties finding a good home. Due to the low rent purchased houses have become very expensive, too expensive for starters on the housing market. They have to rent and the number of employees from abroad has increased, leading to high pressure on the rental market in Amsterdam and other cities.

The future of the rental market

Dutch government is working on a number of initiatives to relax the entire housing market. But nothing concrete yet. So I’m afraid that we will see a tight housing market in the coming years…

How can Settle Service help

Settle Service knows all cities in the Netherlands inside out. We know where you(r employee) will find the best house for her/his situation and find it We gladly assist with the negotiations on the rental contract. We will always be transparent and honest.

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