Corona COVID-19 and relocations; what is still possible?

There is a lot of news about what we cannot do anymore due to the Corona COVID-19 virus. Positive as I usually am I am looking for what is still possible regarding COVID-19 and relocations. And that is more than I thought at first.

Work from home, even from abroad

Were you planning to let an employee relocate to the Netherlands shortly? Although COVID-19 surely has an impact on relocations, it may still be possible to start with the work. If the employee is on a Dutch contract and will be paid in the Netherlands they can still start but then from the home country. Should the country of residence differ from their nationality, further actions may be required. Perhaps you already have digital introduction programmes or the person has to read a lot before he/she can actually start the job. You may even plan introductory interviews via WhatsApp or Skype.

For non EU employees we could file the application for a residence permit already even though the employee will not reside in the Netherlands the coming months. Just simply ask us to prepare and submit the immigration application, also for possible family members. This way the paperwork is ready as soon as your employee can relocate.

We strongly advice you to look at the tax implications should you choose to let your employee’s work start from home. Other points of attention are the labour contract, the health insurance and pension schemes. Please seek legal advice about the possibilities.

We can already check if your employee will be eligible for the 30% ruling. Feel welcome to contact us for an eligibility check.

Work from home in the Netherlands

Like most of the office workers nowadays work from home, this is also possible for your new employees who are already in the Netherlands. Working from home or just with a few employees in the office means a smaller health risk. Should your employee be on short term work permit, the authorities officially will have to be notified about the work location, but considering the situation we expect this requirement to be waived.

Preparations for future relocations

If none of the above options are feasible in your situation we may assist you with the following preparations for future relocations:

  • Immigration advice
  • Preparation of immigration applications
  • Orientation and Needs assessment calls
  • Virtual Reality orientation for Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Housing market information, coordination of home finding
  • View sample properties online
  • Video viewings
  • Coordinate viewings and personal advice through video calls
  • Lease contract review and negotiation
  • Utilities set up
  • Internet connection
  • Schooling consultancy
  • Temporary housing bookings
  • Arrange appointment for opening a bank account 
  • Insurance advice
  • Prepare documentation for local registrations
  • Etc.

Last but not least

We remain at your service to the best of our abilities given the current restrictions. If you have a question please do contact us.

Take good care!

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