Immigration news!

One of the key areas that Settle Service is active in is in the field of immigration. We will analyze the situations and consequently perform around 700 applications in 2016. The immigration procedures are always developing, so it is important to keep up to date. You will find the most important immigration news facts in our blogs.

Digital applications

The Dutch immigration authorities IND introduced further usage of the pilot for completely digital applications for highly skilled migrants.

Settle Service is a selected immigration provider to apply for each of their customers through the digital platform. We have applied digitally for a few clients already and we are very happy to be part of this extended service and to provide our advice to the IND. New features in the system will be introduced slowly, such as allowing us to check the status of the application online!

In the end, this will result in faster processing times. Of course as with each pilot we do expect some hick-ups, but we are very positive on the platform sofar!

Validy of recognised sponsorship

The State Secretary who is responsible for immigration to the Netherlands, decided that as from April 1, the validity of recognised sponsorships will be limited to 3 years when a company is not active. So if your company (or one of its entities) applied for the sponsorship and there aren’t highly skilled migrants on the payroll for the last three years or more, the IND will remove your company from the list of recognised sponsors. This may mean that the company/entity will have to apply for the sponsorship again.

Settle Service has much experience with applications for recognised sponsorships. So if you require our assistance, we gladly are of service.

Other news

Some facts and figures;

  • IND is working very hard to minimalize their back-log in handling applications. Unfortunately, they decided at one point to focus on new applications, because of which a few outstanding applications will even take longer. They are confident though that the will solve the back-log very soon now
  • Biometrics taken before March 2014 are only valid for 1 year. IND requires new biometrics for renewals of permits with start date before this date.
  • Children that turn 12 or 18 must take new biometrics
  • When biometrics is insufficient or only contains 2 fingerprints, the IND requires new biometrics.



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