The story behind a client’s review

Carien and her husband moved to the Netherlands earlier this year. She left the following review on our evaluation form:

“Your service have been an amazing blessing to take a lot of the anxiety of the immigration process off our shoulders. Your work is a huge contribution to our health and wellbeing, not just a convenient service. So many, many, many thanks.”

Mike Stehouwer assisted Carien and her husband with their immigration to the Netherlands.

Background review

Mike tells about the background of Carien and the reasons for her feedback.

Carien originally comes from South Africa and would move to the Netherlands together with her husband and their two kids. He would also start in a new job in the Netherlands.

The preparations for their relocation already started two years ago. At first Carien considered to move to the Netherlands with just the two children. Her husband would follow later because his company did not (yet) have the possibility to arrange his immigration.

Mike’s advice

Once we received the authorization to assist, Mike examined the situation and advised otherwise.

Mike’s advice was to come to the Netherlands with the entire family on Carien’s approved highly skilled migrant application. With this advice the family could stay together. Moreover, Carien’s husband could start his job in the Netherlands sooner. And he would be able to travel to and from South Africa without hesitations.

This is the main reason why Carien shared her appreciation with us in her review. However, the story didn’t end here…

The impact of covid-19

Due to Covid-19 the legalisation of the required documents took longer than in earlier days. However, after this was successfully concluded, Mike could submit the applications. The Dutch immigration services IND approved the applications within two weeks.

Also due to covid, travelling to the Netherlands was not very easy. There were no direct flights at that time. Moreover, the family had to prove that they did not suffer from covid-19. Mike advised on the required tests. After a negative PCR and a negative speedtest outcome for all family members they could finally come to the Netherlands.

Mike’s clear instructions have also undoubtedly contributed to Carien’s review.

Feedback upon arrival

After their quarantine period Mike assisted the family with their local registration and the pick-up of their residence permits. He also prepared their 30% ruling.

Carien was happy that her husband and she could stay together. They moved to the Netherlands after a long preparation time and were happy to finally settle here. We wish them all the best!

More info

Do you have questions about our immigration, relocation and/or 30% ruling application assistance? You can contact us any time!

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