Corona and leaving the Netherlands

If you are departing the Netherlands we gladly offer you our departure assistance to make your move stressfree!

We keep you informed on current corona measures

Almost all countries in the world have taken measures to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. While the situation changes, new measures are introduced.

Settle Service constantly keeps an eye on the situation in the Netherlands and the consequences this situation may have for you. This makes leaving the Netherlands easy and stressfree. We make moves, so you don’t have to!

Within the Corona section of our website, we provide a lot of valid information for our clients. We try to answer as many questions as possible, such as: Can I leave the Netherlands? What are the travel restrictions from and or to the Netherlands? Etc.

Leaving the Netherlands with our departure service

Are you thinking about leaving the Netherlands? Settle Service’s departure assistance will make your move back home run easier. You will be home earlier!

A client’s relocation experience with Settle Service

Evelien tells about the relocation experience that Jose, one of the clients that she assisted, had. Evelien prepared and successfully submitted an application for Jose’s family members. Jose’s own relocation experience First Evelien tells a bit of background. Jose originally […]

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UK travellers welcome in NL again!

The Dutch borders were closed for travellers from the UK after the rise of the British variance of the covid-19 virus. Now that this variance has also set foot in the Netherlands the entry ban has no use anymore. Starting […]

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(Don’t) Be DAFT!

The benefits of the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) for US nationals moving to the Netherlands Are you a citizen of the USA? Are you considering moving to the Netherlands? Would you consider starting a business or leading a business […]

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