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Permit Extension

The moment and the procedure of applying for a permit extension depends on the type of permit you hold.

Permit Extension Service

We are able to monitor the expiry dates of the permits of your employees. We can perform all immigration extension applications on your behalf and collect all documents needed and submit the application. All parties involved will be kept informed during the entire application process.

For Highly Skilled Migrants

If you are a Highly Skilled Migrant and your assignment is extended or your residence card expires, we recommend to submit a permit extension application 3 months before expiry date. This application should be registered at the IND latest 1 day before the expiration date.

When your current residence permit card has expired (and you are awaiting your new residence permit card) there may be restrictions in your freedom to travel. You may need a return visa to re-enter the Netherlands and/or you would need to apply for a Schengen Visa if you are travelling within the Schengen area. Please ask your Settle Service contact person for advice!

If your assignment ends, your employer should inform the IND within 4 weeks after your last working day. Therefore, it is important to contact your HR department and your Settle Service contact person when this situation occurs. The IND can impose a fine when a change has not been reported in time and you could face restrictions in the future when travelling to Schengen countries. We can assist with your departure.

For Intra Corporate Transferees (ICT)

The maximum duration of the ICT permit is 3 years for assignees and 1 year for trainees. It is possible for ICT assignees who have resided and worked in the Netherlands (EU) for almost 3 years to change their purpose of stay into a highly skilled migrant status.

After the IND has registered your application, they have 3 months to make a decision. You are allowed to continue to work and live here, awaiting this decision. Again, should your current residence permit expire during the application period this may mean restrictions in your freedom to travel in the Schengen countries and to/from the Netherlands. This depends on your nationality. Please keep this in mind and make proper arrangements such as applicable visa. We can provide you with further information when this situation is applicable to you.

You may need to visit an IND office after your application has been registered by the IND, for (new) biometric details (fingerprints and a photo). This needs to happen for sure if your appearance has changed since you have last visited them.

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