Family Relocation Services

When relocating to the Netherlands with a family, your priorities are many. Keeping the family happy and satisfied is one of the goals in order to succeed in your new home country. This does not only mean finding a suitable house where they feel at home, but also a proper school or child care facility for your child(ren), possibly a job opportunity for your spouse, and a social network/leisure activities for all family members. We offer various valuable family relocation services that are relevant when relocating to the Netherlands with a family, such as:

Schooling in the Netherlands

How does education work in the Netherlands? Where are the international schools in the Netherlands? How does the application procedure work? What are the schooling costs? We provide extensive information about the educational system in the Netherlands and based on our analysis of the specific situation of your children, we will research the area for suitable schools/daycare facilities. After you have selected the most suitable option(s), we arrange visits (if needed accompanied by one of our local consultants) to at least 2 schools/daycares in the same region. We also offer assistance with the admission at the school of choice.

Child Tax Benefits in the Netherlands

The Dutch government provides several kinds of financial contributions for citizens and residents in the Netherlands, mostly via the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax office). The benefit (toeslagen) system is designed to support people on low incomes by helping them cover basic living costs such as rent, health insurance, childcare and raising children.

Child Benefit

Employees on the Dutch payroll with children below the age of 18 might be entitled to child benefit. We provide information on this tax benefit and (if agreed) assist with the application. We make sure you do not miss out on this benefit!

ChildCare (Tax) Benefit

The childcare benefit is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. We can analyse whether you are entitled to child care benefit and if so how much. Furthermore, we can assist with the application.

Career Assistance

In some cases, one only wishes to relocate to another country if the spouse/partner is also able to proceed their career in the country of destination. We offer special programmes for spouse/partner career services. The resume will be set up according to Dutch standards and the chances on the Dutch labour market are discussed. The spouse will have access to an online jobboard.

“Excellent customer service, I felt relaxed knowing Settle Service was taking care of the situation and it is excellent as an expat there are a lot of things you have already to worry about.”

— By Andrea, settled in 2020

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