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Change of Purpose

You are only allowed to live/work in the Netherlands based on the fact that you meet the conditions for the particular residence permit you currently hold. In case you no longer meet these conditions, you will have to apply for a different type of residence permit (change of purpose). Let us unburden you of this task!

Change of Purpose Service

Your contact person from Settle Service will analyse and advise based on your specific situation. We inform and instruct you on the required documentation. When the documentation is complete, we file the application on your behalf and coordinate any necessary appointments at the immigration authorities. During the process, we keep all parties proactively informed.


The reason why you moved to the Netherlands determined which residence permit you now hold. When your situation changes, and with that the purpose of your stay, you must apply for a different permit. Below a few examples where a change of purpose is desirable/required:

  • You have an Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) residence permit, but will continue to work on a (Dutch) local employment contract and qualify as a highly skilled migrant;
  • You have a residence permit as a dependent but found employment and qualify as a highly skilled migrant and you would like an independent permit;
  • You graduated from University or HBO and want to stay in the Netherlands to find a job and qualify for a residence permit for orientation year highly educated persons (in Dutch; Zoekjaar);
  • You graduated, found a job and now qualify as a highly skilled migrant.

Of course, many more situations are possible. Please contact our office for advice if you think your sitation requires a change of permit. We will review the given situation and advice on which immigration route can best be followed.

Regular Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

A change of purpose of stay requires you to apply for a new permit. As you already stay in the Netherlands the MVV is not required as you already have legal residence. It is possible to submit your application directly in the Netherlands at the IND.

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