Work Permit

Employees with a non-EU nationality have to hold a work permit in the Netherlands. This work permit is included in permits like the highly skilled migrant or ICT permit, but in some situations your company will have to apply for a stand-alone work permit.

Work Permit Service

After all authorisations for immigration assistance, our specialised immigration team will review the given situation and advice on which immigration route can be best followed.

We inform you and and the employee about the required documents and will prepare and submit the immigration documents. We coordinate any necessary appointments at the immigration authorities. During the process, we keep all parties proactively informed.

Duration of stay

The duration of stay determines whether the employee needs to have a residence permit on top of a work permit. Does the employee come to the Netherlands to work for less than 90 days, than he often needs to apply for a Work Permit (TWV) at the labour authorities and also a short-stay visa may be required.

Types of short term work permits in the Netherlands

A few examples are:

  • International Trade Regulation: The employee works at a foreign company that collaborates in a project or joint venture with a Dutch company;
  • Highly Skilled Migrant;
  • Intra-company transferee;
  • Employee at an international non-profit organisation;
  • Work experience as trainee or apprentice: The employee will do work placement in connection with a study or will go to work for you in order to gain work experience (student on work placement);
  • Seasonal worker: The employee is coming to the Netherlands temporarily, for example to work in the agricultural sector, the hotel and catering industry or tourism;
  • Cross-border service provider: The employee works at a company in the EU, EEA or Switzerland. He will provide services for this company in the Netherlands;
  • Cross border worker: If you live in the other EU country (for example, Germany or Belgium) but will work in the Netherlands, the cross border worker procedure might apply to you;
  • Work as a freelancer.

Do you feel that your work does not fall under above mentioned categories, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Combined permits

When you will work in the Netherlands for over 3 months and your situation does not fall under an immigration permit that includes a work permit, you may be able to apply for a residence permit plus work permit. This application will have to be filed at the IND and the IND will seek advice from the labour authorities with regards to the work permit.

“During the process i was in touch about the requirements, the reading in the website about the 30% ruling conditions and implications were really useful. Regarding the documents i needed assistance to understand some meanings like valid documents to prof my residency and all was solved promptly.”

— By Ricardo, settled in 2020

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