Saving thousands of euro’s on relocation costs

Are you an HR professional looking for ways to cut costs on your relocations? Settle Service gladly offers you a new programme which has the ability to save you thousands of euros!

Thousands of euros in cost savings; how?

By selecting a property in the Netherlands from abroad. Your new employee will move into the rental property of choice immediately upon arrival. No more costs for temporary accommodation and just one move for your employee!

The cost of temporary accommodation (up to 6 months) is usually between € 95 and € 150 per night. So if your employee is entitled to 1 month temporary accommodation, your company saves at least € 2,890! 

Live video home finding programme

Do you want to know how Settle Service can help you cut costs?

We can make this happen with our new live video home finding programme. Your employee may expect the following:

  1. Authorisation 
  2. Intake video call
  3. Settle Service searches the rental market for suitable properties and makes a list of the top 5 together with your employee.
  4. Settle Service arranges the viewings.
  5. A Settle Service consultant will visit the selected properties and will show them via live video calls. The consultant will show the house as it is, and point out the pros and cons. The  consultant will ask questions to the real estate agent and will answer the client’s questions. 
  6. Your employee will receive the video recordings, together with written advice. 
  7. One property is selected by the client. 
  8. Settle Service negotiates the rental contract. 
  9. Offer is accepted, contract is screened and move in planned by Settle Service. 

Saving costs and just one move, only advantages?

We offered this programme to a number of clients already during the first phase of the Corona crisis. So far we’ve had only positive experiences. The programme works and the cost savings aspect makes us broaden its purpose.

However, it may be that your employee will find the selected house or its environment different than what she/he expected. A live video viewing means that you don’t visit the house personally until the day you move in.

It is up to you to decide if the cost savings outweigh this potential risk. Again, we only have positive experiences with this programme so far!

Can I still offer my employees a ‘classical’ home finding programme?

Yes, you can. We offer all kinds of home finding programmes, for each budget and each character. You are always welcome to discuss which programme suits you best!

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