Hire highly skilled migrant as a startup company – PILOT!

Starting June 1, a four-year pilot has started that makes it possible to hire a highly skilled migrant (non-EU employee) for startup companies. The government of the Netherlands actively encourages startup companies to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Dutch immigration authorities IND and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO are behind this pilot.

Innovative startup company can hire highly skilled migrant

The pilot enables young innovative startup companies to hire a highly skilled migrant. The normal requirement of a recognised sponsorship does not apply in this situation.

In the pilot, a young company is a company that is maximally four years old, with less than 15 employees. An innovative company offers a new product, service or technology to its customers. But the IND regards a new working method or a new organizational form as innovative as well.

The reasoning behind the pilot is that growth is key in the first phase of a company. A startup company must have a quick start to become successful. The Netherlands gladly welcomes innovative startups, as they bring knowledge and a relevant contribution to the Dutch economy.

Requirements to hire a highly skilled migrant as startup company

First of all, the required salary is lower than for regular highly skilled migrants; € 2.123,00 gross per month. Secondly, the involved employees must participate in the company. Minimum participation is 1% of the company. Thirdly, the innovative startup can use this procedure for maximally five employees.

And finally, for a startup company to hire a highly skilled migrant, the company must be ‘scalable’. This means that there are sufficient financial means to realize fast growth.

The application during the pilot

For the application, the IND/RVO requires an extensive business plan including various forecasts and financial analyses. This plan must be complete, valid and realistic. If the plan convinces the decision-makers you will receive permission to employ highly skilled migrants.

The IND and the RVO will evaluate the pilot twice in the four years of its existence. Besides the character of the pilot is ‘learning by doing’, so we can expect some changes during the use.

More information

Should you be interested in this pilot, please contact us.

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