A relocation to the Netherlands

Background of the relocation  

Chukwunasa and his wife lived in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Amsterdam in April 2021. Chukwunasa accepted a job in Amsterdam and was very excited to move. This article is about their relocation.

First step; the immigration formalities 

First we applied for the couple’s immigration permits. Mike Stehouwer assisted them with the preparations and submitted the application to the IND. A couple of weeks later we received the approval letter. Chukwunasa and his wife could pick up their entry visa MVV in Accra, Ghana.  

His comment on Mike’s immigration assistance was the following: 

“I would like to appreciate Settle Service and the immigration coordinator. They made the immigration processes seamless. The TAT was superb. Just submit the needed documents and go to bed knowing that Settle Service got your back. 

It was an amazing experience.” 

The relocation 

After Chukwunasa and his wife arrived in the Netherlands Linda van Velthoven started their relocation assistance. They stayed in a temporary accommodation for the first weeks. Based on his housing requirements we searched the market and found a good house in Amsterdam. Thanks to the corona situation (yes, there are also good sides!) there was sufficient supply to plan a tour, so Chukwunasa could choose the home that suited them best.  A small note here; the situation on the rental market in Amsterdam has already changed since April 2021 as there is more demand again!

Now that the relocaton assistance has ended, we asked Chukwunasa for his feedback again. This is his comment: 

“The whole relocation process was superb. The portal made it even simpler to read, and submit any document required. Communication was awesome and information sharing is the best of it’s kind. I really appreciate Settle Service on how the made the process absolutely seamless and hassle free. Kudos” 

More info on relocation assistance 

Are you also planning to hire an employee from abroad? Settle Service can assist with all matters related to the relocation. The costs of our assistance depend on your budget. Please do contact us if you would like to receive more information! 

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