Dutch health insurance in COVID-19 times

Everybody who lives and works in the Netherlands needs to have a Dutch health insurance. Whereas the basic insurance is compulsory, it is up to you to decide on the additional insurances. You may check this earlier blog on health insurance in the Netherlands for more details.

Dutch health insurance and COVID-19

What we see is that we get more questions than ever about the health insurance.

“Suppose that we get COVID-19, will the health insurance cover all costs?”

If you or one of your insured family members get infected, and you have taken a Dutch health insurance, that will cover almost all costs. Even if you you be hospitalized you will only pay your personal liability costs (standard € 385,00 per year but you can have a higher amount to reduce the monthly costs for your insurance).

“What if we do not have a health insurance (yet) but fall ill?”

Conclude your insurance soon

After your arrival in the Netherlands you may have to quarantine for 10 days first. After this period please make sure that you are registered at your municipality as soon as possible. You can only conclude a Dutch health insurance with your civil service number BSN, which is issued after your registration.

What to do in the meantime?

As long as you have no Dutch health insurance you will need to have an interim solution, for instance via Bupa.

Do you want further advice?

We gladly assist you with finding your best health insurance options. Buy 2 hours of miscellaneous services in our webshop or contact us if your employer will pay for our services.

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