Settle Service innovates with Settle Blocks!

Welcome to the new Settle Service website. Not only our website is new, you will see that we have changed our entire business model!

A relo programme for all employees from abroad

Why did we take this step?

More and more companies recruit international knowledge workers. Two thirds of the newly recruited knowledge workers come here to do high-occupational work.

Many new international employees get relocation support to settle in quickly. However, there is also a large group that gets little support from their employers.

As the relocation experts in the Netherlands we know what relocation support can mean for someone who comes to the Netherlands for work. Your employee will feel that you care about the move he/she makes if your company supports this. The new Settle Service wants to make good relocation support affordable for all employers. It is our goal to let new knowledge workers be successful as from working day 1.

Settle Service, making moves so you don’t have to

A new Settle Service for all employes

What does the new Settle Service offer? A very easy set-up:

Welcome programme

The welcome programme offers your employee correct information that is relevant for his/her situation. Your employee will get step-by-step instructions for two major relocation tasks, like registration and selection of a health care insurance.

This welcome programme enables your employee to set up a good planning and take care of his/her own relocation.

Offer extra assistance

Do you want to unburden your employees or offer more experience? Add Settle Blocks! Together with your employee we will determine which assistance will help most. Home finding? A check of the rental agreement? Coordination of appointments? Finding a doctor and dentist in the neighbourhood? Everything is possible.

Non EU employees

If your employee or a dependant has a non EU nationality an immigration procedure will be applicable. Our specialized immigration team is ready to submit all types of applications!

Get more information

Do you want to know more about the new Settle Service or would you like to receive a quote? Please do send me a mail or use the contactform.

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