To do before January 1, 2021

After January 1, 2021, the immigration status and the validity of the driving licences of UK nationals living in the Netherlands will change. This requires action!

Application residence permit

If you have lived in the Netherlands more than five years and have been registered here during this period it would be good to apply for a permit for indefinite stay. If you go for the indefinite residence permit, you will be exempted from the civil integration exam and the work permit requirement as long as you were registered at local authorities before the date of Brexit. You should have received instructions from the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) by now on how to do this. If not, please feel free to contact Settle Service

If your residency in the Netherlands is less than five years you will have to apply for a temporary residence permit. We gladly assist! The most important condition for this application is to be registered at the local authorities before December 1. Settle Service informs you about the required documents and will analyze your situation to evaluate your eligibility. If we think your application will be approved we will start up, prepare and submit it within 1 business day​ after receipt of your documentation. You will frequently receive our progress updates until you will receive the decision of the Dutch immigration authorities.

Are you currently a cross-boarder worker and would you like to continue that situation, please do contact us. New regulations are not exactly know yet, but most likely you will have to file an online application.

Exchange driver’s licence

If you have been registered in the Netherlands before December 31, 2020 and exchange your licence in 2020 this is an administrative procedure. This is also the case after January 1, 2021 if you benefit from the 30% ruling. Settle Service gladly assists you with the exchange of your driver’s licence.

If you do not have the 30% ruling we advise you to exchange your licence before December 31, 2020.

You will receive a list of the required documents and we will guide you through the application process. 

“I always like to do my visa process with settle service team as you guys are really quick and prompt with the missing data. You clearly informs us with the exact message which is required. Thanks for your service.“

— By Sreenivasulu

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