The effects of Brexit on the field of relocation

Our local news paper was doing an article on the negative effects of Brexit. The journalist Elizabeth dedicated a quick phone call to our office for some input on her article. During our quick talk, she discovered that there are not only downsides for companies. We hang up and I thought that was the end of it.

A few days later, Elizabeth called again and asked if I would like to cooperate on a full article on the effects of Brexit on the field of relocation. Of course! What a welcome surprise.

It was my pleasure to talk about our field and how the Brexit situation caused an increase of UK companies and UK nationals to approach our company for the necessary assistance to be able to settle in the Netherlands.

Our goal is to simplify the compliance process with Dutch rules and regulations for international companies and their emloyees. And we were very happy to guide them through the bureaucracy in the Netherlands.

And eventhough, the corona situation may have had a negative effect on the number of clients we have been able to assist in the past year, Brexit caused the opposite effect.

I enjoyed the interview, being back in the office for a while and for the break in my daily routine and I am very happy with the result. Thank you Elizabeth for the sparkling conversation about the effects of Brexit! And for those who would like to read the article (in Dutch!) , please take a look: “Haarlems bedrijf regelt alles voor expats…

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