Settle Service and Anywr: a good combination

Anywr, leading international recruitment and job mobility operator, announces the acquisition of Settle Service. This is exciting news for both parties as we expect a fruitful combination.

Who is Anywr?

Anywr finds the best Talents around the world and proposes them missions adapted to their life project. Anywr revolutionizes the human links between Talents and companies around the world, through its digital services. Examples of these are the anonymous CV library, dedicated platforms, mobile applications, etc.

Moreover, Anywr is the only HRTech player to find and manage from A to Z the mobility of hundreds of thousands of Talents around the world. Anywr accompanies Talents & companies in the future of work. This is done through the combination of international recruitment, global mobility and training.

With 26 offices in 17 countries, Anywr is a global group, serving Talents & companies in all time zones.

Why is Settle Service and Anywr a good combination?

The acquisition of Settle Service comes shortly after Anywr’s dedicated recruitment office opened in Eindhoven in March 2023. It will allow the group to strengthen its position in the Dutch and European market for HR 360 services.

Settle Service brings Anywr additional expertise in immigration and relocation for international employees and in-depth knowledge of the Dutch market. Founded in 1990 and headed by Irene Bunt, Settle Service has national and international coverage through a global network of partners. The current 50 employees join the group alongside Irene Bunt who will stay in charge of the business mobility activity.

Together, Anywr & Settle Service will offer leading international mobility solutions, combining Settle Service’s expertise in immigration and relocation with Anywr’s 360 HR services. The acquisition will also strengthen Anywr’s position in the European international mobility market and solidify its future growth.

“We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Settle Service,” said Olivier Desurmont, CEO of Anywr. “This acquisition strengthens our presence in the international mobility market in Europe and allows us to offer a wider range of services to our clients, especially in the field of relocation. We look forward to working with the Settle Service team to develop innovative and quality offerings for our customers.”

Irene Bunt of Settle Service also commented on the acquisition: “We are very pleased to join Anywr. Anywr and Settle Servcie share values of service excellence and continuous quality improvement. Moreover, Settle Service will now proudly be part of a leading recruitment, international labour mobility and worktech company. This acquisition will strengthen our position in the market and allow us to offer a wider range of services to our clients.”

Anywr continues to seek acquisition opportunities to strengthen its global presence and expand its 360 digital and HR services and solutions for businesses and talent seeking new challenges.

More info?

Please do contact us at if you would like to discuss the opportunities that Settle Service & Anywr can bring your company!

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