Corona Covid-19 in the Netherlands update 2

Extra measures from the Dutch government

The number of Covid-19 infections has expanded according to the latest info from the Dutch health authorities. The Dutch government published a number of new guidelines to minimise the spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus:

  • Are you feeling like you have a cold, even without feeling feverish? Stay at home until it’s over. Limit your social contacts as much as possible. Contact your GP only if your situation worsens, for example if you have a high fever or difficulty breathing.
  • Do you feel well? Work from home if possible or travel out of rush hours.
  • All events of more than 100 people will be cancelled.
  • Do not go to places where you expect more than 100 people to be gathered.
  • Do not visit people that are vulnerable, like people with diabetes or lung disease.

The schools in the Netherlands will stay open until further notice. This is because the risk of Covid-19 for children is at an acceptable level. Furthermore, parents are needed in the workforce, especially at hospitals, at the fire brigade, etc.

I am relocating now

No worries, we can still assist you. The only difference will be that we will ask you if you are feeling well before we personally meet. If you are feeling ill we will postpone your appointments.

While it’s unsettling for everyone, we at Settle Service are cautiously optimistic and are continuing business as usual, though with a friendly smile instead of a handshake.

Travelling from a Schengen country to the U.S.?

The president of the United States today (March 12, 2020) announced an entry ban for most visitors from continental Europe for 30 days as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus. The impact of this measure is still unclear. While American citizens and permanent legal residents are exempt from the ban if they can prove that they do not have the virus, it’s difficult to say how many flights will continue to operate during this time. 

Travelling to or from EU countries or to other countries than the U.S. will remain possible until further notice. However, some destinations may be temporarily unavailable, so please ask your airline company.

If you have questions please do contact me. Please follow this blog, we will keep you updated!

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