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This FAQ employers section helps employers of international employees find answers to questions you may receive from your employees or have yourselves. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our office. We are here to help in these uncertain times. 

Can my employee still come to the Netherlands? 

Theoretically spoken, most nationalities can travel to the Netherlands. However, there are travel restrictions in many countries. This actual overview may help you and your employee to determine if travelling to the Netherlands is possible. 

What if my employee cannot come to the Netherlands now? 

Immigration wise your employee can start working from abroad. Be aware that there may be tax implications and other important issues that you will have to address. Please do contact your tax advisor upfront! 

My employee’s immigration permit’s end date is soon, what now? 

No worries, we can renew your employee’s permit (and that of possible family members) if the conditions are still met. 

We will end the contract of our non EU-employee, what now?

If possible your employee should apply for an extension of his/her permit. This is possible when he/she has found another job. If this is not the case he/she will formally have to leave the Netherlands. 

If both extension and travelling to the home country are not possible the Dutch government will allow the person to stay in the Netherlands as long as he/she can prove that he/she has done attempts to return to the home country. For more information you/your employee may contact the representation of his/her country.

My non EU employee is already in the Netherlands, but doesn’t have a permit yet.

The IND issues on appointment so (let us) contact them soon!

My employee needs a(nother) house, how do we arrange this? 

Settle Service has adjusted our home finding services. In some situations accompanied viewings are not possible, then we offer video viewings. Our consultant walks through the properties of interest, leading your employee around. Or your employee walks through the properties of interest, asking our consultant for advice via video call. 

My employee does not have a BSN yet, how can we pay? 

Even without a BSN it is possible to pay your employees. The Dutch government has decided not to impose the anonymous tariff (52%) for people who do not have a BSN yet during the corona crisis.

My employee wants to leave the Netherlands, what do we have to do? 

Our departure programmes have the goal to easen your employee’s departure. We will give notice to the landlord in case of a rental property and conduct a move out inspection. We will negotiate the retun of the deposit. We will de-register your employee from the various governments, so your company will not be in trouble. We will relevant subscriptions, etc. 

We even offer rush departure services for people who have left the Netherlands leaving everything behind. 

All departure services have been adjusted to the special Corona regulations to minimize health risks for all parties involved. 

My employee has departed the Netherlands and left a property here, what can I do? 

Settle Service offers various property management services, both for vacant houses as well as for houses that have to be rented. 

Would you like to know more about our adjusted programmes for expats during the corona outbreak? Please contact us, ask your question and we will answer you within 1 business day.

For more information about help form the Dutch government for bussiness suffering due to the Corona virus outbreak in the Netherlands, please visit the government’s website.

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