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Corona numbers worldwide

In December 2019, an outbreak of a new disease was reported in Wuhan, China, which within a few months caused an unprecedented global public health challenge.  Measures are being taken worldwide to prevent the further spread of this novel coronavirus. However, the virus is spreading and the world is dealing with an increase in the number of corona patients and deaths caused by the virus. 

Current corona numbers in the world 

On the website of the Johns Hopkins University, you can find the most current corona numbers worldwide, which are updated on a daily basis. 

The outbreak has been declared a global pandemic. There is currently no treatment for the disease, and health systems around the world are becoming overstretched. Pharmaceutical companies and research groups are racing to develop an effective vaccine.

Corona tests

Unfortunately, the capacity for COVID-19 testing is still low in many countries around the world. For this reason, we still do not have a good understanding of the spread of the pandemic. This means that the registered corona numbers worldwide are not the absolute numbers. It is expected that the number of people infected by the virus is much higher. 

Corona in the Netherlands

Please see our article about the number of corona cases in the Netherlands to read the current situation in our country.

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