Relocation Experiences with Settle Service


On average we assist about 2800 expats per year who relocate to and from the Netherlands, each with their own specific situation and needs. We provide a wide range of relocation and immigration services and all our programs are tailor made to meet our clients’ specific needs and budget.

The video below shows a few clients who took the time to share their experiences on relocating to the Netherlands with the help of Settle Service.

As our Team constantly strives for service excellence, we utterly value our clients’ feedback and opinions. It is our job to make moves, so you don’t have to!

The Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant Procedure

What can you expect when you want to employ a non-EU citizen in the Netherlands? One of the most common ways to achieve this is to acquire a Highly Skilled Migrant permit. In this article, we will outline the requirements […]

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Working from abroad with a Dutch residence permit

The trend of temporarily working from abroad is definitely there. As an employer you can decide on whether and how to facilitate this for your employees. It might be a good idea to make agreements with your employee in advance. […]

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Settle Service and Anywr: a good combination

Anywr, leading international recruitment and job mobility operator, announces the acquisition of Settle Service. This is exciting news for both parties as we expect a fruitful combination. Who is Anywr? Anywr finds the best Talents around the world and proposes […]

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