ChatGPT and relocation assistance

In the past weeks I’ve done some research on ChatGPT and relocation assistance. I asked questions and received answers. Some of those answers were like we would also give them, many of them gave incomplete and/or incorrect information.

ChatGPT advantages

The main advantage of ChatGPT is that you ask a question and receive a prompt reaction. You can translate texts without waiting time. The answers are presented clearly, using summary listing, making the reactions convincing.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT and relocation assistance

Many of the answers that I got on my questions (fi on required immigration procedures, 30% ruling, exchange driver’s licence, the housing market) were straightforward and presented as ‘the truth’. However, with my experience I know that much of the information provided is incomplete and/or incorrect. If your

The future of ChatGPT and relocation assistance

ChatGPT will develop into a more comprehensive tool in the coming period. However, in my eyes it will not be able to replace humans in complex situations like relocation. Every move is different and sometimes personal advice is needed. Same goes for management of expectations. In a relocation process we need to make sure that everything we do is aligned. To name a few examples; most of our clients have to register in the Netherlands. What if they do not have permanent address yet? And what to do once they move into their permanent home? How will they find this new home? Which health insurance fits the individual’s situation best? How does the medical system in the Netherlands work and where to go to in case of medical issues?

I am convinced that we will all benefit from tools like ChatGPT but need to stay cautious. Is ChatGPT reliable? No, at least not now. Let’s see how it develops in the future and use its potential, where we might benefit from it when having to provide basic information. We will keep ourselves and you informed on this!

More information

Would you like to discuss the above? Or would you like to receive more information on how Settle Service makes sure that the information we offer to your employees is current? Also in case of any other question; please do contact us at

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