Driving licence exchange info

When you move to the Netherlands it may be that you will have to exchange your driving licence for a Dutch driving licence.

EU/EER driving licence

Do you hold an EU/EER driving licence? You may use your licence in the Netherlands for a period of 10 years after the issue date of your licence. This is even the case if you have a non EU passport!

If your licence will almost expire when you still live abroad we advise you to extend it while you are still there. Alternatively you may come to the Netherlands and apply for a Dutch driving licence here. This is an administrative procedure.

Non-EU/EER driving licence

If you have a valid non-EU/EER driving licence you are allowed to drive in the Netherlands for 185 days (6 months) after the first registration at town hall/expat center.

Driving licence exchange with 30% ruling

If you (or your partner) are entitled for the 30% tax ruling, you can exchange your driving license without an exam. You can apply for the exchange at your local town hall. You will have to fill out a form and hand in your current licence, you most likely will not get it back. Bring a ‘passport photo’. You will have to identify yourself. Non EU citizens will have to sign a statement of health.

with 30% tax rule 
Type of costCostsDetails
Costs driving license exchange€ 35,- to € 105,- Depends on municipality
Driving test theory€ 48,50
Declaration of fitness€ 35,- approxONLY Non EU with 30%

No 30% ruling

If you (or your partner) do not have the 30% ruling you will have to pass an exam to obtain your Dutch driving licence. This means that you will have to follow lessons to get used to the Dutch traffic situation and rules. The number of lessons depends on your driving skills, that may be judged differently than in the country where you came from.

no 30% ruling
Type of costCostsDetails
Costs driving license € 35, to € 105,- Depends on municipality
Driving test theory€ 48,50
Driving exam€ 269,75
Driving lessons € 40,-/€ 50,- per hour approx  Number of lessons needed depends on individual situation.

Non EU licences that can be exchanged without exam

For some non EU countries there are exceptions to the rules described above. Driving licences issued in the following countries can only be exchanged if they are valid for the stated categories.

AndorraPassenger vehicleDutch driving licence category B
Canadian province AlbertaClass 5 Dutch driving licence category B
Canadian province  QuébecClass 5Dutch driving licence category B
IsraëlBPassenger vehicleDutch driving licence category B
Japan1BPassenger vehicle and motorcycle in excess of 400 cm3Dutch driving licence category A and B
JerseyAll categories
ManAll categories
MonacoAll categories
SingaporeClass 2 Class 3Motorcycle in excess of 400 cm3 PersonenautoDutch driving licence category A and B
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)BPassenger vehicleDutch driving licence category B
(former) Netherlands AntillesAll categories
South Koreasecond class ordinary licenceDutch driving licence category B

Source: https://www.rdw.nl/over-rdw/information-in-english/driving-licence/can-i-exchange-a-foreign-driving-licence.

Practicalities around driving licence exchange

The exchange procedure may take up to 6 weeks. We advise not to drive a car during this period.

An international driving permit is a translation of your driving licence. This is not a valid license in the Netherlands;The body which will issue your Dutch driving licence, will return your foreign driving licence to the authorities in the country of issue.

By law everyone is obliged to carry a valid driving licence when driving in the Netherlands. A copy of your licence is officially not accepted.

If you want to receive assistance with the exchange of your driving licence, or any other relocation/immigration matter, please contact us!

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